A Teachers of SMANDAK won GOLD Medal in National Teachers Olimpiade (OGN) 2016

14671286_10207876175126947_1381317759448872783_nDiscussing about the achievements in SMANDAK will be never ended. In almost everyweek there are some students come by good news about their achievements. It is not to over when SMAN 1 Cibadak is  very calculated in Sukabumi, West Java even at the national level. #smandaksekolahjuara are often echoed does not seem excessive, because the fact is true.
Achievement in SMANDAK is not only enjoyed by the students. There’s a saying that STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS ACHIEVED IS NOT ONLY BECAUSE OF THE GREATNESS OF STUDENTS, BUT THERE ARE GREAT TEACHERS ARROUND THEM.  And It is raelized that one of our teachers won a GOLD medal at the National Olympiade for Teacher, 17 to 20 October 2016 in Jakarta. He is Mr. Isda Sugara, S.Pd. a simple, youthful, active and innovative teacher brought the name of WEST JAVA at the national level. The Geography teacher of Cibadak successfully set aside dozens of participants from all over Indonesia in the final event of the OGN 2016. For his achievement, Mr. ISDA awarded a cash of 20,000,000 plus a LENOVO laptop. Besides, as an award for his accomplishments achieved, the SMANDAK institution  will give an additional gift for him. Wow … Unbelievable … Of course, as the big family SMANDAK is very proud to have the figure of outstanding teachers. Good Luck Mr. Isda Sugara …


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